OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE for friday flashback.


with a nod to country western music.

6 Comments on “OKIE FROM MUSKOGEE for friday flashback.

  1. Mike, you have got a LOT to digest here…I\’ll have to come Bach. But first I gotta say, that \’dulcie\’ is a beautiful instrument. Wow! I have a fiddle (well, violin -grin!) made before the Civil War–1856–in Paris, Fr. Had it since 1950, we\’ve been through a lot together!Steve E.

  2. Steveroni,Yes I doo have that.I can go for days with out a post that I go \”nuts\” and post a bunch of videos and an occaisional rant or 2

  3. Boy this is a flash from the past. and the funniest thing about this song is that at the time Muskogee was one of the most drug ridden areas in the country.But, it\’s a good tune!!Big hugs Mike!!:-)))

  4. I am not a fan of Country music but Merle Haggard is a classic. I do like his music.

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