If the shoe fits…..

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  1. Hey Mike,\”THANK YOU\” for stopping by. Sorry I hven\’t been around much. I;ve sort of limited my typing sine my lefg hand isn\’ as good s it used to e. I make too many typos. ENJOYED THE SAYING IN THIS PST, yOU\’VE REALLY FOGOT YOURBLOG ALL FIXE UP NICELY. tKE CAE MY FRIEND ANDHAVD A GREAT DAY. mAY god bLESS YOU AND YOURS.kAREN h.

  2. I resemble those thoughts these days and guess I need to get myself back to the gym and to Weight Watchers before I do too much damage. I just caught up here … enjoyed the reminders of Andy Kaufman … glad you\’ve reactivated your WordPress blog (or started a new one?) … and happy you\’ve made some changes here at your Blogger site. One thing that would make visits simpler for me is if you moved the new post up above all the other stuff. I almost missed this post entirely when I clicked over from my reader.Hugs and blessings,

  3. Karen.thank you for stopping by,I know the hastle that you are going through.I sufferd a small stroke or a TIA and I was able to recover from it I know that you can too.I will keep you in my prayers,that you inprove.Storyteller I could not reactivate the blog I had to start a new one.Mari,well the shoe fits me.

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