this time for aww…monday there will not be a photo,just a statement. I have started a diet and I have lost 6lbs.It does not sound like much,but considering I wa over 300 lbs when I started it is a start! I am down to a happly ulitmate goal is to end up at 250lbs.I will be posting off and on my weight loss.

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  1. Well done Mike. I know what a difference losing even a small amount of weight can make. I\’ve lost 14lbs since January and I feel so much better. Keep up the diet and you\’ll be your target weight before you know it.

  2. Akelamalu,I\’m doing the portion control method of dieting since exercise is mostly out due to the seizures.

  3. Good for you Mike. Keep it up. I\’m sure that you\’ll feel much better.

  4. Good for you Mike. I do exercise daily and watch what I eat. I\’m a tad overweight, but not much. I was at one time so I can so relate. I\’m wishing you continued success in your weight loss endeavor.Have a terrific day and week. Big hug. 🙂

  5. Syd,thank you.Sandee,I\’m nore that a tad over weight.the lack of activity the last couple of years has taken it\’s toll not to mention overeating.

  6. Hi ~ Way to go! I respect any one who has the willpower to lose weight – it is not an easy task. Sending best wishes your way.

  7. That is awesome, Mike. Every pound is an accomplishment and you should be majorly proud of yourself.Sara

  8. That is AWWsome!!:) Losing weight is hard to do and you are to be commended big time for working at it. I look forward to your posts about it.Sincerely,Tart

  9. Tart,thank is a struggle would be easier if I could do exercise,but that\’s out due to the seizures.

  10. Congratulations on a great start and best wishes on achieving your goal eventually!Hugs and blessings,

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