Jan and Dean – Dead Man’s Curve


Flashback Friday part 2

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  1. Hi Mike, I know I am commenting in the wrong place … so apologies in advance. Just to say that I have re-linked with you and re-added myself as a follower of your blog. I can\’t believe how many blogs I am having to go back into and re-add myself too – but I don\’t supppose I am the only one doing that. I still suggest that you joining http://twitterfeed.com/ so that everyone knows when you have added a new post … a good proportion of your friends are now on Twitter and you don\’t even have to log in to do this. Have a think about it, dear friend. I have been told that there is one frog, just one, that is yellow with spots in our pond. I have looked and looked and still not found it … but I am hoping to catch it one day soon so that I can put it on my blog as it sounds quite different to the rest of my frog family. By the way how old is Harvey? He looks really inquisitive. I wonder thought whether he comes back with missing whiskers and eyebrows like my dear furry friend?Take care – I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your weekend. 🙂

  2. Do you know that – I have my comments set exactly the same as you and every time I click onto someone elses site with the same settings – and click onto the publish comment box – I always wonder at the back of my mind \’have I made any spelling mistakes or typed what I actually wanted to say?\’ I am sure that sometimes I don\’t type what I think I have – so if I have made any spelling errors, etc I will say that I am sorry. 🙂

  3. Kloggers/Polly,where ever you comment and about anything is fine with me.I\’ll think about twitterfeed.com.Spelling errors do not bother me God knows that I make a bunch of them.

  4. Hey! GREAT song … kind of like music Monday with flashback Friday, a great idea!!I have not heard this in some time, thanks Mike 😉

  5. Speedcat,I\’m glad you enjoyed the song.I decided to use the flashback Friday trying to keep it kind of unique,But I do have to admit that I copied the idea from a different blogger.

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