I guess that it is time for some humble pie eating. when I open this blog up in internet explorer if it just fine.I guess it is time to remove and reinstall firefox.
Google and blogger,I take back the garbage that I posted and are eating my words as I type this.
It turns out that one of the add ons to firefox was causing the problem,MY BAD!

8 Comments on “HUMBLE PIE

  1. I have long considered Computers a double edged sword. They are great when they work, but …Glad things have mellowed out in Techno land.Beamer

  2. Beamer,I wish that I would not fly off the handle so quick.AIR,the problem it turned out is the add on called walnut that was causing the problen after I completely unistalled firefox and dumped all the addons then every thing worked just fine when I reinstalled everything.

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