what the?

Either I just lost 10 followers overnight or blogger is really screwed up again.

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  1. I lost more than 10. It\’s a glitch Mike. I hope it works itself out soon. Not to worry.Have a terrific day pal. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Same here.I lost two. Aren\’t we all needy? lolI mean \”needy\” in the good sense, meaning human beings need others and it\’s so good!We seek for approval all the time even when we say \”I don\’t care.\”Yes, we care!lol

  3. P.S.You have much more followers than I do!People love you more!sniff, sniff…HAHAHAHA!

  4. Ana,the onlt time I have deleted something was when I put in the same comment twice. I do not believe in editing other\’s comments made on this blog.I may disagree with what was said,but the only way i would delete a comment was if was a spammer that snuck by me.Stephany,yep there are some rogue electrons floating around causing havac.

  5. Oh good! I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I lost 13. And some Google Blogger blogs are disappearing & reappearing. Very odd. Mike! I have an award for you. Come on down! Give me 15 min. to post. lol

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