a rotten day

yep folks I had a rotten day with a monster of a headache and while having a seizure I banged my head into the hard part of the couch.I ended up sleeping about 3 1/2 hours.just finished dinner.
We wedge a chair between the couch and my recining chair to try to keep me from falling onto the floor while having a seizure and or just rolling over.The last time that happened I hit my head on a floor lamp. This is an old floor lamp the my inlaws,and they got it from their inlaws. So needless to say this thing is quite old and heavy,and man does that hurt hitting it.

10 Comments on “a rotten day

  1. Sorry you are having a rough day Mike. You have way too many of them too. I hope things get better for you soon and that headache takes a hike.Big hug honey. 🙂

  2. Mike, again, thank you so much for posting about Ed on your blog and asking people for prayers for him. Words cannot express how much this means to me.I\’m sorry about the seizures. Just glad you didn\’t really, really hurt yourself from the one you had today. Hope the headache is better by now.

  3. Sandee, after the long nap and the furcete the headache filanny did go away.Betty,thank you for the good wish about the headache.as far as the prayer request goes I\’m happy to do that.

  4. I hope you\’re having a better day today, Mike. I hate that you struggle so much with this disease that you have.By the way, the Buckeyes need to take it easy on my Boilermakers. :0)

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