Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World

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  1. That\’s a grand song. I almost made it the \”Song in My Mind Today\” on my sidebar. I opted for Dylan\’s \”Forever Young.\”That video is extra special. Thank you!

  2. That song is SO one of my favorites!!!! And no one can sing it like Louis!!Thanks for visiting me and viewing my Photo Hunt blog yesterday!!

  3. Akelamalu,I like the song and I do like Louis Armstrong.the main reason I posted this one is that the video is great.

  4. oh Mike this is one of my all time favorites too! I think it\’s one of the best songs ever written.And I have to agree with Anne that nobody does it better than Louis Armstrong.I have had this song on my blog many times too.Thank you for dropping by with Valentine wishes.I spent almost the entire day yesterday and all through the night off line.We had storm after storm move in after about noon.I do so hope that you had the grandest day ever!! You are just so sweet and blessing to all of us!!i am away almost all day tomorrow. But, I\’ll try to get by even if it\’s late.Big hugs for you!!:-)

  5. I love it! This song is truly one of my absolute favorites. And the video reminds me of my pup and kitty sweetly playing together. Thank you for finding this one.Sincerely,Tart

  6. Hi ~ I LOVE this song – and I love Louis Armstrong! I am working on being more computer literate – I can\’t figure out how to make a \”YouTube\’ video be part of my post – but I\’ll keep trying! Thank you for this post -it made me smile!

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