Hammered Dulcimer for Mass

15 Comments on “Hammered Dulcimer for Mass

  1. Cool Mike. I also liked the organ too. There isn\’t anything quite like organ music in a Catholic church. Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Sandee,I enjoy organ music as weel maybe in the future you will see some poping up on the site.Akelamalu,Yes it can.

  3. Dmarks,you did not have to remove your comment.I only ment that i donot get \”hammered\” any longer and or I took the getting hammerd wrong.sorry about that.

  4. When all else fails (and even when it doesn\’t), prayer is a mighty powerful weapon.peace,mikelivelife365

  5. Dmarks,my friend I welcome all comments even if I do not agree with them.I only will delete a comment if it is a spammer.

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