FYI beware of the "antivirus 2009" ads.

Malware trips up on Saturday

Posted by Plain Dealer Staff February 07, 2009 23:17PM

Categories: FYI experienced technical difficulties Saturday because of a malicious computer program from an advertisement on the Web site.

The malware program “Antivirus 2009” might have been distributed to visitors’ computers through pages on the Web site.

“Antivirus 2009” presents itself as an anti-virus program using pop-ups and phony alerts to signal that malicious software is on the computer. The Trojan horse prompts users to download software to fix the problem but redirects them to a new Web site.

The problem surfaced after noon Saturday and was resolved at 8:30 p.m.

Users complained of having to manually close their Web browsers to avoid multiple pop-ups and the initiation of fake virus scans.

Users who believe their computer was infected can run a scan with legitimate anti-virus software such as Norton, Kaspersky or Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware.

Please note Malwarebytes is a free program and it works great.I got nailed by the antivirus 2009 several months ago and it too me a while to wipe out that trojan!!

13 Comments on “FYI beware of the "antivirus 2009" ads.

  1. Mike, on a side note, I\’m giving up on the whole Entrecard Group thing. You were the only one to have ever done anything with me on that and it just isn\’t working like I had hoped. I\’m pretty sure you can understand, seeing as how you deleted your other two blogs.Sorry to hear about that stupid virus.Beamer

  2. I use Norton and nothing else. It\’s got to be one of the best programs out there. Thanks for the heads-up though.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. Thanks for the info, I will share that with my hubby, he is the computer expert:) Have a Blessed day:)

  4. Beamer,I can understand dropping the entrecard groups that you were doing.Sandee,I just posted the thing about antivirus2009 to warn poeple that it was a bogus download.I fell for it a while back.Deb,glad to be of service.

  5. Mike thanks for the warning but it came a few weeks to late for me. I have an anti-virus software but it didn\’t catch it or get rid of it. It came through an internet radio station. I went to my work\’s IT department and someone had already gotten it on their personal computer and knew how to help me. Now I have something called Malware. I posted about it but I don\’t remember the date. Have a great Sunday.

  6. I wondered about that myself. And I do make several trips to a day, most of the time to get comic relief from those who post on the message boards. Those folks can be human viruses.And yes, I did get those popups.

  7. I already have the real McCoy. I only get my stuff from Symantecs. But, thanks for the heads up anyway!!I did run across a pop up the other day though that I could not shut down without rebooting.Grrrr…that always drives me nuts!!:-)

  8. Mike I think it\’s terrific you posted this warning! Excellent idea and forethought!!! I also have dealt with this. I received it automatically off of a SEWING PATTERN website.To say it\’s a vicious bug to remove does not even begin to explain it\’s depths!

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