A prayer request.

our blogging friend Mary has posted a prayer request for several people so let’s add them to our lists as well,shall we? I linked to her blog,this way you can go and read about the people that she has posted about.Thank you one and all.

I’m adding a second link to Suzanne as well she has prayer requests up on her site as well. Let’s get the prayer chain up and running go offer moral support.ans even offer a sholder to someone. Thank you!

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  1. Mike,Thank you so much for linking to my prayer requests. I really appreciate it, my friend. I will go and visit Suzanne so I can add her prayer request to my list.Wishing you a great day and praying for you as well. You are permanently on my prayer list, my friend.Blessings,Mary

  2. Nick,I thank you.Mary,I\”m glad to add your prayer requests thait is what I do best. thank you for going to Suzanne\’s site and adding her prayer request to you prayers.Sandee,thank you as well.

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