some day.

Some day I hope the siezures stop.
Some day I will be able to enjoy a day out with out having a seizure. ( thank you to the man that kept me from falling today,while having a seizure.)

Some day I’ll start trusting people enough to give out my mailing address.( I was a victim of an Idenity thief)

Some day I hope that I can Play my Hammered Dulcimer again. (back to the no seizures thing)

Some day I hope to be able to play as well as the Dulcimer Video that I post. I would love to learn how to play Scotland The Brave. as well as a tune called Garyowen. (If any had seem some of the movies about Gen.Custer you would under stand.)

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  1. Grandy, I would like to see those things soon as well.Mari,I\’m glad you like Scotland the brave as well. thanks for stopping by.

  2. mike…my prayers will include a special \”some day soon\” for you!~AirmanMom returning to her blog…

  3. I pray for you that your \”some day\” will be today, and tomorrow, and the next day….I would love to hear you play Scotland The Brave and post it on your blog…

  4. tamara, that would be nice.Mimi, even if I could play it,I have no way of recording it and posting it to my site and or you tube.

  5. I pray that your today is blessed and that your some day comes.Be blessed Mike.

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