I say You Think

1. Zoo ::at the zoo-Simon and Garfunkle.
2. Neighborhood :: watch group.
3. Salute ::to the military members for serving our country.
4. Immortality ::some thing that we do not have.
5. Dominion :: the gas company in the Cleveland Ohio area.
6. Rhonda :: Help me Rhonda get here out of my head- Beach Boys.
7. Parties :: telephone partie lines that do nor exist any more.
8. Prince of Darkness :: an evil being.
9. Garbage :: take it to the curb on collection day!
10. Standard :: practices.

Here is the chalenge I would like to see what your answers will be. I have an incentive for every one who does this meme,the latest award that I have posted will be yours to take for doing this I say You think.

1) ZOO ::
3) SALUTE ::
6) RHONDA ::

Thank you for playing along.

6 Comments on “I say You Think

  1. I’m glad you decided to participate and I love your response to ‘zoo’ … it’s WONDERFUL! I’m glad you’ve decided to pass the ‘award’ along today to other participants as well. You’re welcome to give it to others for your own reasons too if you wish.Hugs and blessings,

  2. Mike,Thank you so much for the birthday hugs. Since I\’ve been quite ill since last night with a touch of the flu, it meant a lot to me, as did your birthday greetings. I enjoyed your responses to the meme. Have a great week, my friend.Blessings,Mary

  3. Hi Mike!! I\’m so sorry to be late in reading your Mutterings from Sunday. This week around our house is hectic, and will stay hectic through the weekend. I hope your weekend treated you well.Congrats on the super awards too.For your mutterings…I would never have thought of party lines…you\’re so right. And standard and practices. You did a super job.Have a super Tuesday, and a great week.

  4. Anni,I\’m glad that you enjoyed my answers. sometimes I amaze my self when the answers jut pop into my head.as far as being late in reading my postings one and all,you get to them when you get to them.

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