Scotland the Brave

just because it being playerd on a Hammered Dulcimer

15 Comments on “Scotland the Brave

  1. Hey that was awesome! You are good. I\’ve never actually saw one played before.God bless,Brenda 🙂

  2. Brenda, I\’m glad you enjoyed the music. I am not the preson playing this tune. No do I have a way to record me playing mine or the know how to post it on you tube.

  3. Wow, Mike that is beautiful even if it isn\’t you playing it. Beautiful sound. I can see why you love it.Hey, keep on preaching to yourself (ref. comment left on my site). You are absolutely right about losing weight. It take a lot of positive self talk for me to do the right things to lose. Thanks for your encouragement.

  4. Jc, I keep giving my self the same can do it you can do it!now if the readjustment of medications work and I can lose weight as well Maybe some day I will be playing my dulicimer again.

  5. Mike this is beautiful. What a gorgeous sound the hammered dulcimer makes.

  6. Jennifer, yes it is,that is why I fell in love with this instrument.Tamara, I\’m glad that you enjoyed it. I have several different tunes feom You Tube in the archives of this blog.

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