a rant.

I know that it is not nice to wish ill on someone. That being said I have a land fill behind me and a snall wooded patch between us and the land fill. some idiot or idiots ride dirtbikes in the land fill and I get to listen to the dang fool(s) ride around at all odd hours during the day and the weekend.To add insult to injury there is a skunk living in the wooded area and stray cats. some times I wish the dirtbikers would find the skunk the hard way.

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  1. HA!! That\’s not wishing ill on someone…just wishing for kharma. 😉 We have a skunk that keeps coming around our yard too.

  2. Now that is funny. One would have to ask, why in the world would they want to be riding in, near or around a landfill? Hello?!?! Sounds too gross for me!

  3. when this landfil was started it is only allwed to except certain things. all have to be clean debris such as constriction/destruction waste.and dirt. something I would not want to be riding one.I had a motorcycle and it was a street bike and that was fine with me.

  4. Mike,Maybe on day one of those skunks will step out in front of those bikers. I used to enjoy dirt biking in my youth, but did all of my riding on the farm in the back 40 where no one was disturbed.Hope things are going well for you this week.Blessings,Mary

  5. Peace and quiet these days are becoming more and more a luxury, I believe. Hopefully they will find that skunk.Beamer

  6. Sorry you have to deal with such an annoyance. In regards to EC, and posting your top droppers…go to Statitistics and scroll down you see a list of the top droppers for the past 30 days, highlight, copy, and post using the COMPOSE option so the links show. Hope this helps 🙂

  7. Good Morning…. A landfill is the last place I would want to ride YUCK! Skunks are so not a nice smell! Double YUCK! Have a great day!

  8. Mary,When I lived in California the Sacramento area had a dedicated area for dirtbikers and it was no where near a residential area.This way no one had to put up with the noise of a whole bunch of dirtbikes.Beamer I would hope so we call the cops they do patrol the area and do ticket the fools for tresspassing. but the next day they are back out there as if nothing happened. I would like to see the cops confinscate the damn bike and or ATvs and hit thes jacka$$\’s where they live,in the wallets.Sassy momma Bear. it helps If I understood what you are talking about. I\’m pretty much computer dumb.

  9. Christina, well as the saying so different strokes for different folks. If I were to go dirt bike riding I sure as heck would not like to ride in a land fill area.

  10. I have to agree with you on both counts. Noise pollution can be the worst kind!!I used to have neighbors that pounded on the walls all night, and would fight to no end. When they left, I was HAPPY :-)Hope they stop riding soon my friend.Eric \”SpeedyCat\”

  11. Eric, if not I know what kind of hell they will have when they die. a dirt bike that will not start and have to watch others riding theirs,and that they will not shre!

  12. Ha! No of course you aren\’t wishing ill on them, you just want to to feel closer to nature!

  13. Boy, that would drive me crazy, too! I agree with what was said above – why in the heck would anyone want to ride around a landfill??? Ugh!Hope it stops soon!Hugs,Tamara

  14. Jennifer,that and peace and quiet.Tamara, agrevated stupidy.as I would say when I was a corrections officer.

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