Goodby Cool Hand Luke.

Mr. Paul Newman has gone home. Mr Newman was from Shaker Hights a suburb of Cleveland Ohio. Ohio and the world has lost a great man.
Paul you have given us so much of your self in your movies and your generosity,you will be missed.

This is my tribute to a great man. I know others have said good by to him on their blogs I have chosen to do this my way.

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  1. Mike,I was saddened to hear of Paul Newman\’s passing. We are losing a lot of the old actors who knew how to entertain. Thanks for posting about this.Blessings,Mary

  2. Mary, you are quite right we are losing a lot of great actors/and entainers. the likes of which will be hard to replace.

  3. Paul Newman will be greatly missed. He was not only a wonderful actor, but from what i have read a truly down to earth person. When i heard of his passing i was truly shocked, and saddened.

  4. NPR did a news retrospective of him yesterday. My favorite part was when they quoted him as saying \”It\’s hard to take yourself too seriously after you\’ve seen your fact on a bottle of salad dressing.\” :)It made me laugh. 🙂

  5. Very sad indeed. He was truly one of Hollywood\’s greats and a wonderful person in general.

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