Prayer requests.

I have three Prayer requests to make today. One is for Stacy , and the second one is for Brenda‘s nephew. I’ve linked both sites let’s all go offer prayers and moral support. The third Prayer request is for the victims of Hurricane Ike.

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  1. Hey Mike. The folks so badly effected by Ike are definitely in my prayers. I hope that you and Mrs. G are both OK after that awful storm.I have the Rockin Blog award if it is the same one from Idaho Dailey Photo. Let me say that your comments always make me smile. The fact that you felt led to share an award with me on the spot shows what a giving person you are.Going to read some more of your posts and get caught up. It has been a ZOO around here recently and I need some time to settle in and read!

  2. Thank you for the birthday comment! I\’ve been praying for the Ike victims too. I\’ll go check out the links for your friends. Thanks again! :)Karen

  3. Sandee,Jennifer,Nick,Thnky you for the rarayers for our blogging friends.Karen, Thanks for stopping by,I\’m always glad to wish someone a Happy Birthday.Dori, Thank you for offering prayers as well.

  4. Tracy, this is what I do for those that need the prayers.I kknow that if the situation was reversed that you would do the same for me and my family.

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