Weekend Whimsies

1. Thinker or doer? I’m a doer,if I was a thinker I would not keep putting my foot in my mouth.(shoe lether tastes so good NOT!)

2. Have you ever performed in public (like music, dance, singing, speeches, etc)? Did you like it? I have 2 answers for this. 1) I was a cheerleader in High School(Max S. Hayes Vocational High),and yes I enjoyed it. 2) I once competed in a Hammered Dulcimer contest and took 3 Rd place in the Novice Class. Yes I did enjoy that as well.

3. Do you have any tattoos? Do you want one? No tattoos,and no I have no desire to get one.

4. What is your favorite museum? If I had to pick just one,I’d say the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton,Ohio.

5. Are you good at keeping secrets? Not Really. Does it make you uncomfortable to be asked to keep a secret? Yes it does make me feel unconfortable to be asked to keep one.

6. Can you play any musical instruments? The Hammered Dulicmer,I wish I could sit and play it right now. What do you wish you knew how to play? I’m not sure.

7. Whose voice do you find soothing? Irritating? Pass and Pass.

8. Do you sleep on the left or the right? Both, I toss an turn lot.

9. Other people’s biggest misconception about me is … that I’m a goof.

10.Do you have anyone’s autograph? I has Soupy Sales and Ken Berry’s Autographs from when they performed “Some Like It Hot” at the music Carnival in Sacramento Ca.I lost them both.

If anyone wants to play along you can.

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  1. Thanks for playing along this week with Weekend Whimsies. Hope you\’ll do it again. I enjoyed learning new things about you. Hugs and blessings,

  2. This was fun to read. We went to the AFB museum in Ohio about 6 year ago and it is a great museum. My husband and son are both military and aircraft lovers so they were in their glory their. Now my son is in the army and works on Apache helicoptors.

  3. Storyteller I was glad to play along.Mari. we were there a lot longer ago than that. we went ehnr they were preparing for the first gulf war under Bush 41.

  4. Speedcat, basically that is wht I do as well. and I\’ll get around to talking about the seizures that I have when I sleeping later.

  5. I agree with Sara, it was nice to learn a little bit more about you.I had to stop to see what kind of music you like to listen to…….Great choices 🙂 i will have to come back over to this site more often so i can listen to the music, Hee,Hee…Glad to know that you are having a good week-end so far. CHEERS!!!((((HUGS)))) to you,Love,Stacy

  6. I am going to steal this!!! Or bloglift it… that sounds a bit better! I like your answers. It seems very fitting that you were a cheerleader… you are an exhorter around blogland so why not?Jen

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