I saw this theme on Hootin Annie’s blog so I decided to play along.Today’s theme was String or strings if you may.Therefor I posted a picture of My Hammered Dulcimer.

this is set up in the middle of the room so it does not stay up until I’m ready to play it then I have to tune it,before I can play it. even with tuning it does not sound good any more it needs to be re-strung and I unfortunately do not have the funds to do so,not to mention I do not know who to take it too any more.

7 Comments on “Theme:String(s)

  1. Mike,What a great photo for the subject. It sure does have a lot of strings.Hope all is well with you and yours. Be sure to let me know how you\’ve been keeping. Blessings,Mary

  2. MaryI will do just that,and yest there are a lot of strings. it takes a while to just tume it.thank you for stopping by.

  3. I have one in my living room too!And I know mine needs to be tuned… and my harp…. and my cello…

  4. Janna, I fell in love with the harp from watch it being plad on T.V.I even saw \”Harpo\” Marks play his on of of the variety shows, I just cannot remember which one.

  5. I saw where JC did this on her site. I answered the prompts in her comments!! I thought blood with the clot too.

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