just a quick note of a sad anniversary.

Today is a sad anniversary date,on this date in 1984 my dad passed away. He was 58.I really miss him. I will always. The pain I felt that day had diminished,his loss still hurts. Dad you gave me a lot to work with as did Mom. I love and miss the both of you.

A side note and it may sound silly. I know the two of then are dancing up a storm to the big bands that they used to go to here on earth. I also know that he is having fun bowling as he did and even getting a round of golf in. I bet the courses are just grand.

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  1. My Mom\’s been gone for 5 years now and I miss her too. I am blessed to have my Dad here yet. He is 77 years old. I think it\’s great that you are able to think of your parents having a grand time in heaven!

  2. The really great thing is when it is my turn to go home I\’ll be able to go bowling with him again. I miss that.

  3. Both my parents are gone too and I really miss them. I hope mine are dancing in heaven too. Big hug honey. I know exactly how you feel. ­čÖé

  4. Sandee, Thank you. My Mom And Dad use to go to a place called Argone Ball room here in cleveland. Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller were some of the headliners back than.Sara I know they are. That was one of the last things Mom said to me.

  5. Hi Mike, thanks for visiting via Jeff for my blog anniversary.My parents have both been gone some time now too but I still miss them alot.Their wedding anniversary is the 18th. So I know how you feel and it\’s not silly at all to have that thought of them because my parents also loved the big bands!!Have a nice weekend. Mary

  6. Mary, thank you for stopping by. I know the 18Th will be a sad day for you. Our Parents are both attending the bands an and are dancing sa well Hugs and god\’s Blessings.

  7. Hi Mike,It doesn\’t matter how many years go by, we still miss them so much, don\’t we! I lost my dad in 1979 at the very young age of 48 and I miss him just as much today as the day he died. Big hugs to you!! xox

  8. Pea, I\’m sorry for you lose as well. At least I got to have my Dad untill I was an adult. My Grand Father passed away when Dad was 5 and His Brother Evan was 2.

  9. I am sorry for your loss. Your father died so young! I really am sorry.I hope that you class is going well.Be blessed.Jen

  10. Beautiful thoughts about your father, Mike. My parents are both starting to decline pretty quickly. Dad will be 85 in November and Mom is 76. Lately, she is confused and combative.Have a great day.

  11. I know how it feels… My dad passed away at 61 (12 years ago), my mum 2 years ago. I miss both of them. Let\’s take good care of ourselves so they can be proud of us! Thanks for your kind comment on my update!

  12. Tink, Thank you for stopping by.Yes we need to take care of ourselves to keep going and make our parents proud of us.I Know that Dad is proud of me,even if he could not say I could tell it in his eyes that last day. Mom told me she was proud of me before she went home to be with my Dad and the family.

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