A prayer Request

Stacy,is asking prayers for her Dad and Her Aunt Billie. So Let’s keep them in our prayers. Thank you. I’m putting up 2 links one for STACY AND HER SISTER TRACY Let’s go let them know that they are in our prayers,and give some moral support as well. Thank you One and All.

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  1. Hi Mike!I stopped by Stacy\’s blog and offered some words of comfort. I feel so sad for her and her family during this uncertain time. Thank You for posting this so she will get some support from fellow bloggers. You are so sweet and always thinking of others. :-)Well, here is the deal.I cancelled my cat blog because I could not get it to coincide with my prim/folkart blog. But…today I started a brand new chat blog and you have my permission to post it if you would like along with the others. I hope to see you there. It was to confusing with just the prim blog, my chat buddies seemed out of place there, so I finally felt like I am ready to chat and have fun with all the different memes again also.Have a wonderful evening Mike!Hugs,Kimmie

  2. Kimmie. thank you I have added you to the blog rolls. So I did not reply when you commented. I guess I\’m getting absent minded in my old age (wink wink)

  3. Hey Mike, Sorry I haven\’t visited in awhile but I\’m trying to catch up.Take care of yourself. Have a great weekend. Grace and blessing to you.

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