I just want so say what I’m greatful for.On Monday I was 17 years sober(12/17/1990)!
January 22 i’ll be a greatful 56 years young! In march I’ll be married to Celestine for 28 years.
My youngest sister will be married 29 years in March.My middle sis and her husband will be married 27 years in 2008.
The funny thing is that the following had to get married twice to get it right.Myself,My middle sis and her husband and My younger sis’s husband,all of us had one failed marriage to our credit.Only My youngest Sis and My wife got it right the first time.

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  1. Hey, we have the same birthday (a couple years apart)! And my husband and I were married 2/19. Not March, really, but we celebrate on March 1, sometimes.Cheers!

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