A Thought.

Today 3 years ago marked a bad turning point for me and MY Celestine for it was at this hour,my phone rang bringing me the news that I knew was coming but dreaded it anyway. The Hospice of Western Reserve Facility at Westlake Ohio was calling me and my Sister In Law Josephine at the same time bearing dreaded news. Celestine had taken a turn for the worse. Josephine had just put their mother in her car to take her to go get me Mom’s New Glasses. That plan was scrapped. Instead, they Headed towards the WestLake Facility. and I did as well. We Knew Celestine knew we were there. But she was unable to respond to us. all we could do was sit in her room and wait. at 8 Pm Josephine said she was going to take Mom back home. I agreed that she needed to, her Mom started to panic fearing that I would leave her alone. I had no plans to do so. And Told Mom that I plan on staying with her all night. you guys can come back tomorrow, if need be, and I will go home and rest. it turned out that was not necessary. Because sometime between Midnight and 1:30 AM on the 16th 2020 Celestine went Home. Even though she passed away I still would not leave he.and stayed with her until the Funeral Home people came for her,the man asked if they were embalming her I said Yes,he than said to me he will take good care of her for me and I should go home and get some sleep. as I left the facility I stopped and looked up and said she is all yours God take care of her for me.

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