A Sad Thought

Today was the Day in 2020 that Celestine was taken to the Seven Hills Rehab Center on Rockside road for her first rehab stint. A week later she was sent back to MetroHealth E/R because of her diabetes was out of control. she would spend 2 weeks in the Hospital before being sent to Broadview MultiCare for rehab. and a week and a half later she would be back at MetroHealth again. This time she would be told that she was terminally Ill. and on OCTOBER 4 she would be transferred to Hospice of western reserve the Westlake campus. she remained there until she slipped into a coma on October 15 th she passed away in the early morning hours of October 16 2020. and that was the worst day of my life.

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    • Sandee,Thanks. I know it’s been 3 years but it still feels just like yesterday. maybe some day but not today.

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