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                                 I give you the RV Calypso

On this date in 1975, JOHN DENVER released his ninth studio album ‘Windsong’ in the UK (Oct 18, 1975)
NOTE: The video here is album track and single CALPSO, a tribute to Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his research ship, the Calypso.
Windsong was released at the peak of John Denver’s career, and rode to Number One on the strength of his previous success, and the epic “Calypso,” which happened to provide the touchstone for the album. Essentially, Windsong is an album about communing with nature, and an overall thematic thrust is missing from many other Denver records. There may not be that many songs that match “Calypso,” but many come close, helping elevate Windsong into Denver’s front rank of albums.
This song is about the ship Calypso, which was bought by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and converted to an oceanographic ship.
Cousteau wanted to understand “The silent world” better, in order to protect it.
“To live on the land we must learn from the sea” – Cousteau was the first to do research on pollution and its effects on the sea and received many honors for his accomplishments.
John Denver cared deeply about nature and this song was a tribute to both Calypso and her captain and their valuable work.
Denver wrote the chorus to this song when he was on board the Calypso. He struggled to complete the song, spending months trying to write classical-sounding verses to a sea shanty chorus. He was about to abandon the song when he got the idea for the words when he was skiing. Denver got off the slopes quick and jumped in his Jeep, where he drove home to get his ideas on paper and complete the song.
The song features the sounds of ship bells, which is heard in the instrumental introductions before both two verses, in which Milton Okun’s orchestral arrangement, featuring strings and winds, are heard impersonating the sounds of the oceans and seas.
John Denver – Calypso (Official Audio)


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  1. I loved following the adventures of his ship and his exploration. Loved John Denver too.

    Your cup should arrive tomorrow, Mike.

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