Oh Well. Stuff happens & Computers

Yesterday my laptop that I use when I go traveling died. So I went to Best Buy to get a replacement. I picked out a top of the line H P Spectre.and the even gave me 25 bucks as a trade in.
So Meet the New guy. I am still getting used to it.

4 Comments on “Oh Well. Stuff happens & Computers

  1. It’s good to get a new laptop. I know you’re going to have years of fun.

    Have a fabulous day, Mike. Big hug to you and lots of scritches to Screwball. ♥

  2. Stuff does happen. Grandpa gave me an old computer i’m having refurbished so i’ll have something new-to-me and faster than what i’m using now soon. New or newer can be a blessing!

  3. messymimi’s meandering the one i traded in had a bunch of things wrong and it was not worth the cost of a rebuild.Hence the new laptop

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