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I have Meet the Enemy and I am Him!!

I did a stupid thing yesterday. After digging a pathway to my camper van the battery had died.  I had a breakup Via Facebook Messenger sent to me. I retaliated and unfriended and block that Fool. His Loss not Mine or so I thought I get my heart broke. While doing some shopping I went down the wrong isle and almost made it out of the aisle when I heard my name called and answered and grabbed the box of wine. it was the equivalent of 3 classes of wine and stupid me drank it all got drunk.
So now my sobriety date is 02/02/2022 it was 12/17/1990.
and yes, I did attend my usual A.A. Zoom meeting last night. And told them that I had a relapse.

8 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday day

  1. You are human, Mike and a breakup is hard to take. One day at a time. I’ve all the faith in the world in you.

    Have a blessed day, my friend. ♥

    • Sandee, thank you that was the second break up the first one was easier to take I got tired of the hissy fits from the first one and ended it by unfriending and blocking the person. when the second one ended out of the blue by a Facebook message, that one hurt like hell. And my old friend alcohol won, but just that one time

  2. One day at a time. We all slip up and you were so hurt, so vulnerable in that moment – but you did the right thing; you attended your Zoom meeting, and let people know. All positives! And you let your blogging friends know. You are getting back onto the right path. Alana ramblinwitham

    • Alana Mautone, Thank you I am glad that I did not continue to drink. one of our group members is struggling more tha I am she is on her 6th day sober this time I never keplt counts how many relaspses she has had in the past year none of the group member have we are all very supportive of each other.

  3. I know you’ll get back to where you need to be Mike, we’re all here supporting you my friend.

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