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Well now today is not going so hot.  My new computer is a complete disaster. I had trouble getting it to go online and read the connected external drives. I called the tech support phone number got nowhere with them and the online support was no help as well.  So the P.O.S. is going back for a refund!  Thank God the Dell is still working.

I had a phone visit with a Psych Doc and got nowhere with him!

I found out that the windows and sliding door I bought will not be installed until October!

And I want to drink so bad it ain’t funny!  So I called my emergency contact and we talked.

So you will not be opened today! JUST FOR TODAY I WILL NOT DRINK!!!

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  1. I’m sorry about your new computer not being what you hoped it would be.

    Installations are taking forever here too, Mike. It’s the way of things.

    I’m glad you’re not going to drink today.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. 🙂

    • Sandee Thank you,So I pay to ship it back to those People,pay a 15% restocking fee,OK FINE! I’m rid of one headache!
      and Yes I will have a Fabulous day SOBER!!!

  2. Nope, no drinking. Sorry about the computer, that really is a pain. Everything is taking forever since Covid screwed with the supply chain.

    • I know Covid sucks the Big One! and this computer company that was recomended to me SUCK EVEN MORE!!

    • Brian,Thank you I have 30 Years and 7 months and 14 days sober,my Mrs Mike would be very disappointed in me if I threw that away.

  3. Just letting you know, when i’ve tried to click on your post about Patrick Stewart’s birthday, i get redirected to your other site and that post disappears. In case you were wondering why you might not have comments or something, i wanted you to know what i’m getting at least on my end.

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