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Oranges And Forgotten History

Betty Crocker: Marketing Icon

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  1. Mike,

    What a cool idea to share these YT historical recount vids. We make a point to have oranges in the house for the holidays which has been a tradition for us since childhood. I don’t use Betty Crocker cake mix generally. I prefer making my cakes from scratch but the company’s history was interesting. I love stuff like this and it’s great to learn how these products transitioned over the years. Thanks for joining the 4M crew today, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

  2. Well, that’s different! What a neat idea! Way ta go my friend… very interesting too! Betty Crocker & I are very old friends! hehehehe! Have a great day!

  3. The Betty Crocker history was fascinating! (so that’s where WCCO came from) and the role of women. I do use cake mixes – they are a lot better than they were even 20 years ago (I did scratch bake back then). “America’s First Lady of Food”. I wasn’t quite of the era where oranges were special and given as Christmas gifts. Enjoy these history videos.

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