It’s another year a new blog Blast For Peace! Peace Matters to me.That being said I was proud to raise my hand and take my oath of enlistment.
Bear #339 and The Bear A Tones Join Dona Nobis Pacem

I was still in the US Air Force when I married my First wife Mary Ellen Lower. after I got out in 1974 things were not great for me I got fluid on the heart and almost died. In 1978 my marriage ended,and I moved back to Cleveland Ohio from the Sacramento Ca area.
in Sept 1979 I meet my Future wife Celestine Kobus 1980 she became my Second wife we stayed married until her Passing on 15 October 2020. PEACE MATTERED TO US!!

                                             SHE MATTERED TO ME!

Now Inner Peace Matters the MOST TO ME

As well as Peace on Earth,And those who do not want to have Peace on GOD’s Great Earth will answer to him when they go home to him! That was my Late Dad’s teachings

15 Comments on “BLOG BLAST FOR PEACE,DONA NOBIS PACEM Wordless Wednesday

  1. Mike – We know this is a tough time for you after losing your Celestine so recently. May peace engulf you and comfort you. She was such a lovely woman! Thank you for blogging for peace with us today.
    Peace to you and yours,

  2. I know peace matters to you, Mike. I know how much Celestine meant to you. I’m so glad I got to talk with her when you were in the hospital. A cherished memory for me.

    Have a day filled with peace, my friend. 🙂

  3. So sorry to hear about Celestine. <3 all my love and sympathy. I am so glad you still joined us. Your words are needed. You are valued. Love and hugs and prayers for peace.

  4. Mimi,I kne I was going to make her part of this years post,the I dea of just how came to me at 3 Am this morning.

  5. Hey Mike, that was a wonderful dedication to your dear Celestine and I can almost feel her smiling Peace down on you from the heavens. Stay safe my friend.

  6. Thank you for your service. And my condolences to you on the loss of your wife. Sending you warm thoughts of peace. I know your wife’s spirit must be very near to you – you two sound tied at the heartstrings.

    • Sherry Marr I think we were,we had our moments when the uglies would come out in both of us that was no fun when that happened.But I will be eternally greatful for her being in my life,and i said there will be noone else after her.

  7. Alana Mautone,Yes indeed we were close,that does not mean we didn’t have our fights and I’d be in the dog house for a day or two afterwards.

  8. What a nice post and tribute Mike love always shines through.

    My very best wishes for you at this time take care and keep smiling at your memories 🙂

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