maybe real soon this is a beginning

Hi I’m Mike and I am a recovering Alcoholic, who is struggling right now, because of the Depression I’m going through, I’ve been binging on snack sized candy and have gained 15 lbs. I think it would be so easy to go to the store buy a few bottles of Booze and or cases of beer and start indulging again. That being said I don’t really want to start up again because I would be tossing almost 30 years of sobriety out the window!! MY SOBRIETY DATE IS 17 DECEMBER 1990.

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  1. I’m sure you’re having a rough time and you and I both know it will be even rougher if you start with the booze. I’m so proud of you for being sober for so many years. One day at a time.

    Big healing hugs, Mike. ♥

  2. Mr. Mike, you don’t ever have to apologize for not commenting on blogs, you have amnesty from having to comment if you are not feeling up to it.

    While i do not know what you are going through, as i have not lost a spouse so i have no clue how awful and horrible it is, please know i am praying for you and pulling for you and please call your AA friends and do whatever you have to do at this time to stay sober.

    If i could, i’d come give you a hug right now.

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