Not having electric power well that was no fun

I know not having power for only a couple of hours does not seem like a big deal,but it is if you do breathing treatments and need electric power to run the machine needed to do those treatment 24/7/365.
That’s why I just requested permission for our Condo association to put in one of these

4 Comments on “Not having electric power well that was no fun

  1. Yes, you need one. We had a generator for years, it is amazing (it was used when we got it and lasted us 15 years, that's how good a Generac is).

  2. I sure hope they put that in. You are not alone. I just do not think people who don't need specific medical treatments understand. My hubby is a sever asthmatic and we have raging fires all over Colorado. He can not breathe when he gets to his office downtown. In fact, he can not see the skyline the smoke is so awful. I will be praying for you that the condo association will purchase a generator. I hope you and Celestine have a good week. Please take care.

  3. messymimi,I know we should have done this a couple of years ago at that time they companty we talked said 1500 buck.:):D:X:-*:-f:-hd-)y-)

  4. My Tata's Cottage,the accociation will Hopefully approve me having it.Celestine and I will be the ones buying it. :):D :-* :X :-f :-h d-) y-)

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