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Well the Dell computer has arrived it is sitting out of the box and I’ll be hooking it up soon.I’m still waiting on the new monitor that I ordered with it that will be here soon.

So in the meantime I will be using this one!

this is the new monitor.

the only thing thagt it does not have is a built in camera and mic that my laptop has.
and to add to the grief my Brother Printer had decided to actup and needs to be replaced.I can’t complain it was a replacement for one that failed under warrentee,in Jan 2014.

2 Comments on “Golch Central newest thing

  1. Hooray for new stuff, and i am guessing the printer got embarrassed with all the fancy gear and is sulking!

  2. messymimi,the one thing about the computer is that it does not have a C/D DVD as well.:( so that was bought seperatly.:):D:X:-f :-h d-) y-)

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