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Patches,I’ve got Patches!!!!!!

 The First Air Force Base I set foot on

 The Second Air Force Base I set foot on

The Third Air Force I set Foot on

Other Air Force Bases I’ve set Foot on in no particular order

6 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I've been to Castle AFB. Went to the officers club for dinner many years ago. It was very good.You're been to a whole bunch of Air Force bases. Way cool.Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.You and Celestine have a great Wordless Wednesday. w-) w-)

  2. Sandee,way cool the best I could ever do was drive past it in a car. the MSGT in charge of the Team that was TDY to the Base to work on NDI inspections of B-52 Landing gear said and I quote\”Castle AFB where a casle is king! :):D:X:-* :-f :-h d-) y-)

  3. While i've been on joint bases, i've never had a chance to go to one that was just Air Force, and i am probably missing out!

  4. WOW! You sure did some special steppin' there my friend! Nice you have patches of it. My only brother was in the Navy, and he was on a supply ship headed and docked in Viet Nam… back & forth twice I believe, and snuck a video tape home of life on the ship, the coast of Viet Nam and a PT boat of the Vietnamese. I've got it now. My brother passed away at the age of 44. He had a bad ticker. My dad was a cook in the Army in WWII. He also was a linesman, and a PT Officer. Have a great day, Sir! Thank you for your service & God bless you!

  5. messymimi,hey I belonged to a depot level maintence squadron,we went TDY's a lot,hence all the patches shown:):D:X:-*:-f :-h d-) y-)

  6. X-masDolly,as I told messymimi,I had to go TDY a lot to fix and do modifications to different Aircraft in the USAF inventory. That Part of the Job I loved,the treatment I got from my shop chief not so much.he had a great dislike for me and I despised his A$$.:):D:X:-*:-f:-h d-) y-)

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