Google and Blogger and WordPress what the hell??

Google and Blogger had made some changes to their format for Blogger,Me thinks that’s why it had messed up my Five on Friday posting and all my Browser may have helped.
I took these steps fired the Browser and went back to the Legacy Setting for Blogger and it seemed to fix the post problem. Google and Blogger hade the changes for people who use a smart phone to do posting and kinda forsaked us that still use a REAL COMPUTER TO DO THEIR POSTINGS! AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT I BELIEVE! not to mention i did not like the “New Look” and or Format!!
I’m not happy about WordPress’s New Format as well.

4 Comments on “Google and Blogger and WordPress what the hell??

  1. WordPress \”improved\” their editor and no one is especially happy about it. Looks like they did the same thing on Blogger…

  2. John at least with Blogger I can still use the Old System which I had to go to to get the 5 On Friday posting fixed!:):):D:-h d-) y-)

  3. The new blogger may be easier for posting from a phone, but the tablet i mostly use cannot post pictures with it. It's a much worse system, too many key strokes to try to do the same things.

  4. messymimi,I know at least I found the tab that says return to the legacy versoion, which is the old version.:):):D:X:-*:-f:-h d-) y-)

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