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Sporadic at best since FRIDAY AFTERNOON Caused by these guys

6 Comments on “Awww…Monday and or Mondays

  1. We gave up Charter many years ago. They were so expensive and you didn't get much. Didn't have our Internet though them, just the television. I hope you get all your issues sorted out and soon.Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop. Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Mike and Celestine. w-) w-)

  2. Dang, that sure is frustrating. We have Charter and it has been good to us.

  3. Sandee,I only use them for my ISP originall was Time Warner Cable here in Cleveland and Spectrun aka Charter bought themup.:D:X:-*:-f:-h d-) y-)

  4. Brian sure is,but I can't complain too much mostly they are reliable except for this week!@:(:-h d-) y-)

  5. We've been at the mercy of several not very good Big Player choices since the one local provider decided to go back to only the one parish (county). Hope they get it sorted soon.

  6. messymimi,they keep wanting me to upgrade my service from 20mg to 100MG at almosr double what I'm paying now,I can't see it,because if the service ain't anybetter why pay out more money for the same agrevation??:-? 🙂 :D:X:-* :-f :-h d-) y-)

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