Oh Hell computer stuff again

I had to take both the New Guys back to best buy,the computer was not the one I wanted and the monitor was a little too big.
Now the really frustrationg part as I came in a greeter welcomed me and I told hime I have a computer and monitor I need to return and could he get somone to bring them in just as he’s asking someone to help,another store employee walks up and say’s you need anapointment to be here,I shot back what to return two thing I need a damn appointment?
needless to say he did appoligize and added no just for Geek Squad service and to purchase something.
Because what I wanted and what I go were two different things and the attitude I got,I’m a little turned off AND PISSED OFF at BEST BUY.

for the time being I will just keep using this guy,and gripe about it when I goof it up again.


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  1. messymimi,the maid reason I took them back was the computer only had a 254GB hard drive and I had thought I ordered the 1TB hard drive and no connector cable between the computer and monitor and that computer cost too much money for that little drive space! :(( s-) So I will just keep using my second had Laptop computer for the time being!:):D:X:-*:-f :-h d-) y-)

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