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This weeks awww Mondays is about a computer Mine to be exact!

Yesterday was no fun,during a computer update,my computer crashed Big was so bad,thay system recovery or restore could not fix it.I even tried to get the thing to go into safe mode only to keep getting this FATAL SYSTEM ERROR.EVEN WITH THE HELP OF THE PHONE TECH SUPPORT FROM OFFICE DEPOT/MAX.
I was told to take it to my local Office Depot store. Keith at the Parma store in MIDTOWN PLAZA worked a miracle,he asked me if I had unplugged the power cord and disconnected the battery i said no I did which point he disconnected to batter from the back of the computer waited 30 seconds put the batter back in turned on the computer and lo and behold the computer launched it’s self into a restore mode that kept everything in the computer,and it fixed it’s self,Keith even suggested that a system diagnosis be run,of course I said sure.and now I have a good working computer again.

Keith also told me that if it acts up this bad again it might be time for a new computer.”older computers develop problems that a new one does not” THE BEST PART WAS IT DID NOT COST ME MUCK JUST SOME GASOLINE TO TAKE THE COMPUTER TO THE STORE AND THAN TO GO BACK AND PICK UP THE COMPUTER!!
I know the chain is called OFFICE MAX,IT IS STILL OFFICE DEPOT TO ME. Office Depot and Office Max were merged together some years ago,but it will always be office depot to me.

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  1. I'm glad you got your computer back up and running and it sounds like Keith helped you a lot. Good for you.Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop. Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. You and Celestine have a great week. w-) w-)

  2. Sandee,He did help me a Lot,especially telling me if I have a proglem pull the power cord flip the laptop over and pull the battery out for the minuite or two and the computure will reset it'sself.:):D:X:-* :-f :-h d-) y-)

  3. Brian,I hope so as well,if not looks like a new computer will be showing up here at golch central.:D:):-h d-) y-)

  4. Mik,I had forgotten about that ole trick. I've done that a number of times over the years with our Windows based computers. I think I even did that once with our first Macbook. Windows based computers are notorious for developing serious problems as they age. Just make sure you have all of your important data backed to an external hard drive or to the cloud because the next time your laptop misbehaves it might be its last before it makes its way to that great cyber landfill. ­čÖé

  5. Cathy Kennedy,I did as well.I've dont that a few times with my old desktop computer.I had to be reminded toat this thing does have a battery attached to it.I beack every thing up on a 2TB external Hard Drive and a few 32 GB usb flash drives.:):D:X:-*:-f :-h d-) y-)

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