June 6 1944 D-Day

Today on June 6 1944 The Men and Women who would be called The Greatest Generation,did this!

 The Story of D-Day as told by these maps


  D-Day Invasion than and now

  Both My Late Father and My Late Father in Law were Part of this generation neither took part in the D-Day invasion!! 
My Father in Law did take part in the different invasion in Africia and Italy. My Father served in the United States Army Air Force Flying in Bombers in the Pacific Theater and was Part of the Occupational Forces in Japan when the war ended.
I am extremely Proud of every one who donned a Uniform to serve the United States Of America! this Veteran of a Different conflicts (Vietnam Era and Cold War era) Salutes All of You!!! 


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  1. With heartfelt gratitude i salute our veterans and those in the armed forces today.Thank you for your service.

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