A Silly Thought

I have This Old Pavilion DV7 computer


 That seems In MY Not SO Humble Opion to have a problem with Windows 10 the computer does not like it. The computer has Windows 7 Home Premium installed and I SWEAR the computer prefers that operationg system over windows 10. The computer was a Freebie so I can’t complain.👍👍👍
Have a safetastic week 😷😷😷

4 Comments on “A Silly Thought

  1. The only reason you need to upgrade to Windows 10 was because Windows 7 is no longer supported and no further updates will be made, including ones that enhance security. That would be the only reason I'd consider upgrading to 10. Personally, I'd install Linux on it (that's what I did when Windows 10 FUBARed my old laptop).

  2. well I will try to upgrade it to windows 10,I have an installation windows 10 flash drive.it has an older version on it I bought it in 2017 I think. :):D:-h d-)

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