AWWW Monday A Bad day Here in Ohio

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Today Is May 4th 50 years ago today was a VERY BAD DAY HERE IN OHIO, I am refering to the shooting of KENT STATE STUDENTS  BY OHIO NATIONAL GUARDMEN.

 this is a photo that was taken ater the guardmen stopped shooting

 this is about the shootings A) from a TV station article  and B) About the shooting from Wikipedia

Croby,Still and Nash even did a saong ahout it.

Crosby,Stills,Nash and Young Four dead in ohio

6 Comments on “AWWW Monday A Bad day Here in Ohio

  1. oh dear- I did not know the exact date. I remember this happening and not believing such a thing could happen here. And now? Look at where we ARE. Be safe and take care!

  2. messymimi,I know,but it is the 50th anniversay of this tragedy,and needed to be revisited,it may mot be my most popular post but One as a Buckeye I felt I needed to make.:(

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