Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

Some day if Lady Java the owner of the site starts Music Monday  back up again a link will be here again.

I’m Head Conductor of this Musical trip & my name is:   XmasDolly (Marie or DOLLY IS OKAY WIT ME!) & my Co-Conductors (& my BFF’s/love these gals) let me introduce U ♥:♥ Callie of JAmerican Spice♥, is taking a semi-hiatus although she’s been poppin’ in & out so it may be sooner! WOO HOO!  ♥Stacy of Stacy Uncorked♥ & Co-Conductor (my forever friend through thick & thin we’ve made it, right Girlfriend?! ♥ Cathy of Curious as a Cathy♥ with all her beautiful mewsic, friendship & help!♥, & Alana of Ramblin’ with AM – HUGS♥,  ♥♥APPLAUSE♥♥ DO U WANT 2 B A HONORARY CONDUCTOR & CHOOSE THEMES 4 A MONTH, (except for freebie wks.) & comment on all blogs who sign into our ROCK & ROLL JAM???  Let me know (OR 1 of our Conductors) if you’d like 2 give it a WHIRL & we’ll make it happen!  FUN! Email me @ xmasdolly at comcast dot net !  This is your decision!  No pressure & no waiting in line! We’re NOT taking turns!  It’s all up to you!  Let me know & YOU shall be given a month to SHINE! We’re working on JULY! It doesn’t have to be July it could be any month except December.  That’s reserved for SANTA (Christmas tunes)!

Our Honorary Conductor for this week is supposed to pick out the subject for this week and that person is EVERYONE WELCOME Mary from Jingle, Jangle, Jungle our September’s honorary co-hostess, so welcome aboard & her theme for this week is Farm Aid was founded Sept 22, 1985. In honor of Farm Aid, build a playlist featuring artists that have performed at the annual event!  WOOHOO!

Here are Mine!! I choose not to use the songs that were sung at Farm AID nor did I use everyone that performed!!

 Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind 

John Mellencamp – Small Town


Bonnie Raitt – Something To Talk About

 If anyone has any questions just ask myself or one of our lovely Conductors!  Speaking of which one of my Conductors came up with that we really want to boogie with you, so please keep in mind that this is a blog hop &  we are open to mewsic posts ONLY!!!  If you want to show pictures fantastic we’d love to see them, but don’t forget to add a little boogie music with it so we can get our groove thang on!  WOO HOO! 

13 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. I think everyone who chose Bonnie Raitt picked \”Something To Talk About\” as the song. She did a lot of blues early on in her career. Still a good playlist here!

  2. Oh you are right on the money here my friend! Loving this Music this week that's for sure. You have some great choices too my friend. I haven't played Willy Nelson tune in a long time so I'm sure getting my fill today! Wow, today was the first time I've seen his real family and the two sons… talk about mega talent. That's great. Thanks for sharing Mike. I always look forward to stopping by here. hugs and have a great week!

  3. There are so many great artists that have participated in Farmaid, but I could listen to Bonnie Rait all night long. Thanks for sharing her music. Have a blessed week.

  4. Mike,Groovy Farm Aid Singers purrforming for the 4M gang. I'm really digging Bonnie Raitt's bluesiness. Have a boogietastic week and thanks for joining the best party in Blogosphere, my friend!

  5. XmasDolly,I am always glad when you stop by as well.I know that was a treat to see his two sons.:) 😀 :X :-* :-f :-h d-)

  6. DrillerAA,I enjoy her music as well.and thetre was just too many to pick from I went with people I enjoy listening to!:) 😀 :-h d-)

  7. A lot of \”great minds\” here. I love the songs of John Mellencamp especially, although I was born and reaised in New York City! Willie Nelson, meantime, continues to grow on me as he ages. Alana

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