Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

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A Note if I may twords the end of Reflections of my life there is a Vietnam Veteran in civilian clothes holding a Purple Heart Medal I can’t prove it but I swear to God that is my Brother In Law Alan Wilder.

The Honorary Conductor John Holton want’s us to do these types of tunes I asked everyone to build a playlist in which the first letters of the songs spell out “ROOT BEER.” Here’s mine; it’s not exactly “boogietastic,” as some of the regular conductors would say, but it’s pleasant listening.

 So here I go with my tunes ,

The Marmalade – Reflections of My Life – Vietnam Vets

Jerry Orbach – Try to Remember [From the Fantasticks] (1962)

Jerry Orbach – 42nd Street: “Lullaby Of Broadway”

10 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Not bad, Mike! Jerry Orbach was a national treasure, and so few people know that he was one of the great Broadway stars. And I remember \”Reflections\” was popular around the time things really escalated in Vietnam. The draft ended when I was a senior in high school, although I had to register. Did you see any action?

  2. John Holton,No I did not though I am a Vietnam Era Veteran,the colsest I came was while on a TDY to base in Tialand that was shelled while I was working on a C-130,jumped off the wing into a revetment and i was safe from the shelling one landed away from me.:) :-h d-)

  3. I had never seen that particular video with Reflections of My Life. I grew up during the Vietnam Era, the two boys I grew up with (next door neighbors) both fought in 'Nam (both came home) and one of my husband's cousins served in Vietnam, was in combat, was exposed to Agent Orange and has survived one cancer. He visited DC earlier this year on a Honor Flight. Overall, all were great selections. Alana

  4. Mike,The Marmalade's 'Reflections of My Life' recently crossed my YT path. That's a fabulous oldie. I didn't know Jerry Orbach could sing. Great music choice. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  5. bookworm,someone had posted it a while back on their blog,when I saw it I thought that the one vet was my BIL,I can't prove it.:( Thanks for stopping by.:) 😀 :X :-* :-f :-h d-)

  6. Cathy Kennedy,I know for a long time he had that talent.Have a great week yourself!:) 😀 :X :-* :-f :-h d-)

  7. No problem my friend check you out! You are totally rockin' the place for sure. Man, this crazy weather is something else. Careful I found a sore throat somewhere and really kicked my butt for sure!!! You be careful and take your vitamins my friend!!! ROCK ON! \”Lullaby Of Broadway\” cUTE for sure!!! Thanks for sure!!!

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