Flash Back Thursday’s

From Time To Time I will be doing a Flashback Thursday featuring Post from earlier Blog Posts

Here’s this weeks:

I kid you not this box was like this when my wife opened up the cabinet door.It does not have any sticky stuff on it nor is the door sticky.Go figure! and no I did NOT PHOTOSHOP THIS ONE!!!!

A postscript: right after I took this picture the box fell down from the cabinet door.
Happened Sept 08 2009.

4 Comments on “Flash Back Thursday’s

  1. Life is a mystery sometimes. Something had to be on the box that we don't know about. Cool capture.Have a fabulous day you two. w-) w-)

  2. A bit of static electricity, maybe? Then again, why try to solve this, it's one of those funny things that bring charm to life.

  3. messymimi,mostlikly,and you are right it was good for a chuckel or two.::) 😀 :X :-* :-f :-h d-)

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