A Passing,Rest In Eternal Peace

Today we Lost Cleveland’s Own Tim Conway aslo Know as Ensign Parker

Yesterday we Lost Ohio’s Own Doris Day

and over the weekend we Lost Peggy Lipton of Mod Squad fame.

 May they all Rest In Eternal Peace

6 Comments on “A Passing,Rest In Eternal Peace

  1. I've watched all three of them at one time or another and Tim Conway was a favorite of mine. A funny man.Have a terrific day, Mike. 🙂 w-)

  2. Tim Conway was brilliant, and Doris Day's music was in the background so much when i was a child. Peggy Lipton i didn't know as well, but i am sad they are gone and wish their families peace and comfort.

  3. Sandee,I really enjoyed Tim Conway here on Cleveland TV and as Esign Parker on McHale's Navy,Doris Day's voice was Fantastic to listed to and Peggy Lipton was great on Mod Squad. sad that they are all gone. 🙁 :-* :-f :-h d-)

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