Where Has Mike Been?

The first part of January was the last time anyone heard from Mike. Many of us were worried and finally I went in search for Mike and Celestine’s phone number. I found it this morning and decided to call their home. Celestine answered and it took her a minute to figure out who I was. Once she did she gave me Mike’s phone number and I gave him a call.

Mike is in a rehabilitation hospital in Cleveland. He was in good spirits and we talked for a very long time. He’s doing what the doctors and the medical staff want him to do and he’s hoping he can come home soon. He asked me to reach out to everyone and let them know what’s happening. He sends his love to all. I will stay in touch with them both and relay any relevant information that I have permission to relay. I hope Mike can come home in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for this update. I knew he had been in the hospital and it's good to know he is doing ok.

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