A Question

For Celestine on March 1st it will be 39 years!!

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  1. 19 years for Zane and I, Mike. This is our second time around though. We got it right this time. w-)

  2. I knew you were married before, but couldn't remember if Celestine was. No we know you're her first and only. 🙂

  3. Sandee,yep I meet my first wife MaryEllen at the Sacramento USO,I coined a saying some of us had to do it twice to get it right,my second Celestine's First my middle Sister Sandy her second and her husband Allan's second as well my Baby sister Linda's first her husband Rodney's second 🙂 :-f :-h d-)w-)messymimi,good for the both of you! :-* 🙂 :-f :-h d-)w-)

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