Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

The Kinks – Come Dancing

“Lola”- The Kinks

The Witch Queen of New Orleans Redbone

Come and Get Your Love Redbone

9 Comments on “Music Monday and Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Whoa, these are back there and some I know and some I don't. Cool! Thanks for playin' along with us and man oh man witch queen of New Orleans.. hahaha I remember dancin' to that one on girls night out.. wow that's an oldie for sure! Great job my friend you rocked the house! Have a totally rockin' week!

  2. Mike,First off, I know you're a Veteran and I want to say thanks for your service to America.'Come and Get Your Love' is a great oldie and a true one-hit wonder by Redbone. I didn't know the other song by them but it was great to listen to it. The Kinks' songs I knew. You put together some fine songs for freebie week. Thanks for sharing and boogieing with the 4M crew. Have a blessed week, my friend!

  3. While i couldn't listen to the witch queen song (i'm from NOLA and i know that stuff is nothing to play with), i enjoyed the rest of your playlist. Happy Monday!

  4. All good selections – including \”Come Dancing\”, my favorite of the set. The Kinks had a wonderful Christmas song, too \”Father Christmas\” which isn't your normal holiday song but I love it! Have a great week. Alana

  5. XmasDolly,I'm glad you enjoyed the ones I used.Thanks for stopping by.:) :-f :-h d-)John Holton mine as well. :-h d-)Cathy Kennedy,It was my Honor to raise my Hand and take my Oath of enlistment.I'm glad you enjoyed the tunes!! 🙂 :-h d-)messymimi,thanks for stopping by!:) :-h :-f d-)Bookwork,thanks for that info I'll check it out. 🙂 :-h d-)

  6. Nice choices. I like The Kinks. I saw your comment on my blog about being in the service. Thank you for your service.

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