Awww Monday and Sparks

 Join us every Monday for Awww…Mondays. Post a picture that makes you say Awww…and that’s it.
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Make sure you leave a link to your post here and I’ll visit your Awww…Mondays post. What better way to start the week than with a smile.

Annie of McGuffy’s Reader is hosting Sparks, an inspirational and positive thought for the week link-up, every Monday.
Annie is taking a much needed blogging break, please keep her in your prayers.

3 Comments on “Awww Monday and Sparks

  1. Awww! Precious little things.By the way, how are you and Celestine doing, you are both still in my prayers.

  2. Oh my gosh, these were my most favorite songs when I was in high-school. I love the last one, \”Tell it like it is\”! WOW, DUDE YOU HAVE JUST STOLEN MY HEART! Lord knows when I'll get these out of my head I'll be singing them all the time.. Thank you so much for bringing my youth back & putting it fresh in my memory! Love your pickings my friend YOU ROCK!!!

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