health issues for me.

I Just got home from Metro Health Cardiac step down unit.Friday I went to see the doctor that was covering for my primary care doctor.All I wanted was some muscle relaxents and or pain medication for my back that was getting worse.She refused to give me the scripts and said I need to be back in the E/R,and I had a bad seizure,and a EKG in the office.the ekg was not good.and I ended up in the Clinical decision unit for observation friday night,Saturday I was admitted to the hospital totally because of 2 more bad EKG I also was supposed to have a heart catherization yesterday but because of a seizre that procedure was cancelled!
.I was sent home today with more medications to take got to go see my Doctor,a neuroligist,and a cardiac doc in a few weeks as well.What I was told was that my heart is not beating correctly,it maybe due to stress.Time will tell.Needless to say I am still quite tired.and a walker was ordered for me,so if you don’t mind I’m gonna try to take a nap in my recliner chair.The onlt bright spot was Celestine was allowed to come and visit me in my hospital room on the 3 red floor

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  1. Good grief, Mike. Enough with Celestine and now you. Prayers for both of you.Have a good day, Mike. Keep us informed. ­čÖé

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